Alex is a special needs young man, with a special project.  He watched an Operation Smile advert recently and told me he needed a credit card, and when I asked what he needed it for, he said “to buy a child a smile”.   He has such a huge heart of gold!   As the bank would not give him one (due to his special needs status I think), he loves to paint, so he is now choosing to sell his artwork  with the proceeds going to buy a child a smile.  He is all about sharing a little love and inspiration – that anyone can make a positive difference in this world. Alex is a very special young man with a heart of gold, and a passion for his art.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rainbow Waterfall – original canvas sold today, however, we have Limited Edition Prints still available. 12 varied prints are available currently, per above, as well as Pink Heart, Hawaii Palm, Golden River, Rosy Posy and BasketWeave (a collage piece).


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